Kabhi Aye Haqeeqat-e-Muntazir – Allama Iqbal

Kabhi aye haqeeqat-e-muntazar, nazer aa libaas-e-majaz main
K hazaaron sajdey tarap rahey hain meri ik jabeen-e-bayniaz main

Tarb aashna-e-kharoosh hoo, tu aye nawa mehram-e-goosh hoo
Woh suroor kia k chupa hoa hosukoot-e-perda-e-saaz main

Tu bacha bacha k na rakh isay, tera aeena hay who aeena
K shikasta ho to azeez ter ha y nigah-e-aeena saaz main

Dam-e-tawaf kermak-e-shama nay kaha k who asar-e-kohan
Na teri hikayaat-e-sooz main na mero hadees-e-gudaaz main

Na kaheen jahan main amaan mili, jo amaan mili to kahan mili
Merey jurm-e-khana kharab ko terey afwa-e-banda nawaz main

Na who ishq main raheen germiyaan, na who husun main raheen shookhiyan
Na who Ghaznawi main tarap rahi, na who khum hay zulf-e-Ayaaz main

Jo main sar ba sajda hoa kabhi to zameen say aney lagi sada
Tera dil to hay sanam aashna, tujhay kia milay ga namaz main

Kabhi Aye Haqeeqat-e-Muntazir


O the much sought after Reality! Some time  appear in material form
As innumerable prostrations restless in my humble forehead are

Join the assembly’s celebrations, You are a song, be heard
What good are melodies which veiled in guitar’s frets are

Do not jealously protect them , your mirrors are the mirrors
Which  would be dearer in the Maker’s eye if they broken are

During circumambulation the moth exclaimed, “Those past effects
Neither in your story of pathos, nor in my tale of  love are”

My wretched sins could not get shelter anywhere except
When  they in the shade of Thy Gracious Forgiveness were

Neither Love has that warmth nor Beauty has that humor
Neither that restlessness in Ghaznavi2 nor those  curls in the hair locks of Ay«z are

Whenever I went into prostration a voice came from the earth
Your heart is in materialism no rewards  for your prayers are


14 responses to “Kabhi Aye Haqeeqat-e-Muntazir – Allama Iqbal”

  1. I was was going to create a translation and transliteration of this master piece and was looking for the Urdu text. Fortunately I stumbled to this site with all I was going to created. Thanks you very much.

    Except the Youtube link is out dated.

  2. Hi
    Shair written ik english roman do not match with the correct urdu shair
    Eg. in the first prose
    Hazaron is written as hazar ……… Niaz is written as be niaz

  3. These are very beautiful exact translations of the verses but I need it’s precise explanation in Urdu language. If it is possible please send it to my email address. And also suggest that you should also interpret the Iqbal poetry in Urdu because most of the world used in are of high calibre and couldn’t be easily comprehended by an ordinary person.

  4. It is a last truth this living is not easy many problems and troubles created here. who give us this gazal what he will be founded and filled between his soul and practical earth I could not reached there but fill a few.I give him many many thanks about this gazal. thanks.

  5. explanation of 3rd verse

    shair Alama iqbal yaha dil(heart) ko miror say compare kar rahay hain.dil ek esa miror hai k isay bacha bacha k nai rakhna chaeay isay totnay dena chaheay jitna broken heart ho ga otna hi khaliq (allah talaa) ko azeez ho ga.jitna oski raah may tootay ga otna precious heart bnay ga.logo ki batoon pay sbar krna brdasht krna to tkleef may Allah k aagay jitna roay ga otna pyara lagay ga Allah ko
    28 mins · Like

  6. Explation of verse 5
    jub insaan say galti ho jati hai ya os pay bura waqt ajata hai to koi oski help nai krta panah nai daita phr bilakhir allah talla k pas he osko panah milti hai mujrim ko maaf krnay walay parwardigaar k pas panaah milti hai or kahi nai

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