Ya Rabb Dile Muslim Ko

Ya Rab Dile Muslim Ko


Ya Rab Dil-e-muslim Ko Woh Zinda Tamanna Dey
Jo Qalb Ko Garma Dey Jo Rooh Ko Tadpa Dey

Phir Vadi-e-faran Ke ,har Zarray Ko Chamka Dey
Phir Shok-e-tamasha Dey Phir Zoq-e-taqaza Dey

Mehroom-e-tamasha Ko Phir Deeda-e-beena Dey
Dekha Hai Jo Kuch Main Nay Aoron Ko Bhi Dikhla Dey

Batkay Huay Aahoo Ko Phir Soyay Haram Lay Chal
Is Shehr Kay Khogar Ko Visatay Sehra Dey

Paida Dilay Verran May Phir Shorish Mehsher Kar
Is Mahfile Khali Ko Phir Shahiday Laila Dey

Is Daur Ki Zulmat Main Har Qalb-e-pareshan Ko
Woh Daag-e-mohabbat Dey Jo Chaand Ko Sharma Dey

Rifat Maqasid Ko Hum Rosh Zulakha Kar
Khudaryay Sahil Day Aazadiyay Darya Day

Bay Los Mohobat Ho Bay Baak Sadaqat Ho
Senu May Ujala Kar Dil Surati Mina Dey

Ya Rab Dil-e-muslim Ko Woh Zinda Tamanna Dey
Jo Qalb Ko Garma Dey Jo Rooh Ko Tadpa Dey



By Dr. M.A.K. Khalil

O Lord! To the Muslim’s heart grant that live Longing
Which may warm the heart, which may restlessness to the soul grant

Again brighten up every speck of dust of the Valley of F«r«n
Again  Longing for the Spectacle, taste for the asking grant

Again to the one deprived of the Spectacle the discerning eye grant
Whatever I have seen, to others also its  sight grant

Again guide the strayed away deer towards the £aram
To the one  addicted to city, vastness of wilderness grant

Again  in the forlorn heart create the Last Day’s  tumult
Again to this empty camel-litter the lover of Lailah grant

In the darkness of this age to every perturbed heart
That mark of Love which may embarrass the moon grant

In elegance raise the Muslims’ goals to the level of  Thurayyah
Self-respect of the ocean, freedom of the sea shore grant

Love should be pure, candor fearless should be
Grant Light to hearts, hearts like crystal grant

Grant the feeling for signs of the calamity
In today’s tumult concern for tomorrow grant

I am the wailing nightingale of a ruined rose garden
I am the supplicant for acceptance, O Benevolent one alms to the beggar grant

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