Phir koi aaya dil-e-zaar! nahin, koi nahin
Raahru ho ga, kahin aur chala jaayega
Dhal chuki raat, bikharnay laga taaron ka ghubaar
Larkharaanay lagay aivaanon mein khaabeeda chiraagh
So gayee raasta tak tak ke her ik raahguzaar
Ajnabi khaak ne dhundlaa diye qadmon ke suraagh
Gul karo shamein, barha do mai-o-meena-o-ayyaagh
Apnay bekhaab kivaaron ko muqqafil kar lo
Ab yahaan koi nahin, koi nahin aaye ga!

~Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Tanhayee by Faiz

Again has someone come, sad heart — no; no one
Maybe a passerby — will go somewhere else.
Night declined, the stardust scatters,
Drowsy lamps waver in the buildings
Every path, after long waiting, sleeps
The unfamiliar dust has blurred traces of footsteps,
Put out the candles, take out wine and jug and cup
Lock up your sleepless doors
Now no one, no one will come here.

~ Translation by: N. H. K. Qureshi

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