Stand By What He Says

A friend asked Mulla Nasrudin “How old are you?” “Forty replied the mulla.” The friend said but you said the same thing two years ago!” “Yes” replied the mulla, “I always stand by what i have said.”

Deductive Reasoning

“How old are you, mulla? someone asked, ‘Three years older than my brother. ‘How do you know that?’ ‘Reasoning. Last year I heard my brother tell someone that i was two years older than him. A year has passed. That means that I am older by one year. I shall soon be old enough to… Continue reading Deductive Reasoning

Up The Ladder For An Answer

One day Mulla Nasrudin repaired tiles on the roof of his house. While Nasrudin was working on the roof, a stranger knocked the door. – What do you want? Nasrudin shouted out. Come down, replied stranger So I can tell it. Nasrudin unwilling and slowly climbed down the ladder. – Well! replied Nasrudin, what was… Continue reading Up The Ladder For An Answer

Running After Me

“When I was in the desert,” said Nasruddin one day, “I caused an entire tribe of horrible and bloodthirsty bedouins to run.” “However did you do it?” “Easy. I just ran, and they ran after me.”