The Only Barber

Mulla Nasrudin was walking along the street when he passed another man with a lot of stubble on his face standing outside a shop. Nasrudin asked: “How often do you shave? Twenty or thirty times a day,” answered the man with the stubble. “What! You must be a freak!” exclaimed Nasrudin. “No, I’m only a… Continue reading The Only Barber

Cold December

One December day the village boys decided to play a trick on Mulla Nasrudin to fool him. They hid Mullah Nasruddin’s coat when he was performing ablution for Friday ritual. But Mulla Nasrudin perceived that a trick on the way. “Mulla Nasrudin, it’s a cold day, why don’t you wear your coat?” asked one of… Continue reading Cold December

Honorific Titles

A certain conqueror said to Mulla Nasrudin: “Mulla, all the great rulers of the past had honorific titles with the name of God in them: there was, for instance, God-Gifted, and God-Accepted, and so on. How about some such name for me?” “God Forbid,” said Nasrudin.

Knowing The Future

Mulla Nasrudin was cutting a branch off a tree in his garden one day. While he was sawing, a man passed by in the street and said, “Excuse me, but if continue to saw that branch like that, you will fall down with it.” He said this because Nasrudin was sitting Nasrudin said nothing. He… Continue reading Knowing The Future